For Max Burt, November 2nd 1999 was a life-changing day. While driving home for his work as Head of Strategy for a major London advertising agency, his car collided side on with a fire engine answering an emergency call. The accident left him with severe head injuries that mean he is unable to balance, or walk, or talk as before.

Today Max uses a wheelchair permanently, is partially paralysed on his left, with dramatic tremors in his right arm, and with a severe speech impairment, as well as sight and hearing impairments. Despite significant disabilities, Max set about rebuilding his life; culminating in marriage to his Australian wife, Justine.

Since his accident, Max has become involved with many disability-related organisations and has been a finalist for the UK Disabled Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2007. Emphasising what disabled people can do if their ambitions are allowed to flourish.

Max stood as a candidate for election to the European Parliament in 2009. After failing to get elected, he and Justine moved to Australia in 2011. Here, he has set up a new charity, WheelEasy, which aims to develop greater access to leisure activity for wheelchair users, with their families and friends.