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Max’s perception-busting new charity that strives to create a more positive image of disabled people in our society.

Diversability supports individuals who are aiming to create attitude change through their own efforts.

The charity’s ultimate goal is one day for the word diversability to eventually replace disability in common speech, and for “diversability” to enter the Oxford English Dictionary.

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People with different disabilities, each with different challenges, all share the ability to find solutions to the obstacles, big & small, that they face each day. Contrary to the prevailing stereotypes, the disabled are in fact diversely able. This is diversability.

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Diversability has three roles:

  1. To provide funds & logistical support for individuals who are aiming to create more positive perceptions of people with disabilities.
  2. To instigate perception-changing campaigns of its own that crystalise and strengthen the meaning of diversability.
  3. To support products & services that directly create a more accurate, less stereotypical portrayal of disabled people, and enable them to live more fulfilling lives.

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