For Max Burt, November 2nd 1999 was a life-changing day.

He had recently married and was about to move into a new home with his wife. He had also just resigned from his job as Head of Planning for a major London advertising agency to start a new business.

Then, on his usual route home from work that day, he was involved in a collision with a fire engine answering an emergency call.

Max's car and fire engine.

The accident left him with severe head injuries that mean he is unable to balance, or walk, or talk as before.

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Today Max uses a wheelchair permanently, is partially paralysed on his left, with dramatic tremors in his right arm, and with a severe speech impairment, as well as sight and hearing impairments.

Good to Talk Campaign photo

It’s a terrible irony that the man who was a central figure in the advertising business, and in particular in the ‘It’s Good to Talk’ advertising campaign for BT in the UK, now has huge difficulties with his speech.

Images of Disability

Since his accident, Max has become involved with many disability-related organisations. He was part of the UK Government-backed steering group, ‘Images of Disability’.

Broadcasting and Creative Industries Disability Network logo

He has also been an Associate Member of both the Employers Forum on Disability & the Broadcasting and Creative Industries Disability Network, as well as a committee member of the National Association of Disabled Football Supporters & ‘Changing Places’; campaigning for improved toilet facilities for disabled people in London.

Employers Forum on Disability logo

In 2007, Max was also chosen as a finalist for the UK Disabled Entrepreneur of the Year Award, one of the British Chambers of Commerce Annual Business Awards.

Changing Places logo

Emphasising what disabled people can do if their ambitions are allowed to flourish, Max stood as a candidate for election to the European Parliament in 2009.

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