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Riding a recumbent trike from Aberdeen to London: a demonstration in action by Max of what can be done with some ingenuity, persistence, optimism & a positive approach. Last year, one fine afternoon at the end of August 2010, he arrived in Trafalgar Sq to complete the last leg of his Aberdeen-London ride.

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Max’s fitness regime (using a reclining exercise cycle) led him to the idea of the Everything Is Possible In Life Cycle – a 730 mile-long campaign, riding a recumbent trike, from Aberdeen to London. He did this in 2009, repeating the ride in July 2010.

Max on his recumbent trike.

His aim was to lead by example – to meet the public and show as many others as possible what can be done, even when the odds are stacked against you.

Since his accident, Max has approached everything in life with a glass-half-full and overwhelmingly positive attitude. This does not mean that Max sees things through rose-tinted spectacles. On the contrary, he is realistic. However, he does look at what he can do, not what he can’t. He does not see himself as disabled but differently-abled.


As well as an optimistic attitude, Max tackles everything with a degree of ingenuity – an ingenuity that his rather unique situation dictates. Like many disabled people, he looks at things from a slightly different perspective and arrives at solutions to challenges which are rather different from the norm – so, instead of riding a bicycle from Scotland to England, because he can’t, he is using a specially adapted trike.

Beyond his optimism and ingenuity lies a third characteristic that made this ride possible – a never-say-die persistence. Max was never the most patient person. Now, he has become incredibly patient because he has to be. It takes him ages to do most things. By comparison, taking 30 days from Aberdeen to London wasn’t that much of an ask.

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